Gary Colautti and Walter Griesseier purchased Cohen and Cohen from the Cohen brothers; Harold and Al Cohen. Back then, it was a large re-use store and recycling facility, alongside a demolition division. This is where Cohen and Cohen acquired many of the unique items throughout the location at 1963 Merivale Road.


Cohen and Cohen purchased a piece of property off of Merivale at 92 Bentley Ave. (17.5 acres) to expand their scrap yard to a larger facility and yard. In turn, this also expanded the store substantially on Merivale Road.


Cohen and Cohen introduced a new division of our business-Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone. We began to sell pallets and pieces of natural materials to both residential and commercial clients.


Cohen Environmental services was created- an asbestos abatement company.


Cutback Terminal Limited was created- a tank installation company.

Cohen and Cohen amalgamated with RDI Installations and began a new and used Office Furniture division. This facility was run out of a building beside the scrap recycling yard at 92 Bentley Ave.


Cohen and Cohen scrap yard and demolition relocated to a new facility designed on 92 Bentley Ave.

Cohen and Cohen retail/reuse store relocated to the same location as the scrap yard. The new and used office furniture division moved into this building as well. This big move combined 5 divisions together under one roof: Cohen and Cohen retail/reuse store, Cohen New and Used Office Furniture, Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone, Cohen Environmental Services and Cutback Terminal Limited.


Aim Recycling, a large recycling and demolition company out of Montreal, purchased the scrap yard, recycling facility and demolition division of Cohen and Cohen. This company then was re-named AIM Cohen and Cohen, and was no longer affiliated with any of the other divisions.


In their state-of-the art 27,000 sq.ft. facility, Cohen and Cohen amalgamated with a commercial office interiors company and sales team, which resided in the east end of Ottawa, Full-Line Business Interiors. Welcoming the Full-Line team to our company, we became Cohen and Cohen Full-Line Office Interiors (CCFI). With this union, CCFI was granted a partnership with many other interior manufacturing companies.


Today, we are known as: Cohen and Cohen Group of Companies-Consisting of Cohen and Cohen Full-Line Office Interiors, Cohen Natural Stone, Cohen Retail Division, Cohen Environmental and Cutback Terminal Limited.  We are a full – service facility, along with a design, installation and sales team.