Cohen and Cohen Group of Companies Staff Directory

  • Garry Colautti – Owner

Cohen and Cohen Full-Line Office Interiors:

Sales Representatives:

Michael Kearnan
Karen Pantalone Ext. 157
Robert Welsh Ext. 174
Haleigh McCann Ext. 111

Cohen and Cohen Retail Store:

Chris Irwin Ext.127
Cathy Dorion Accounting

Shipping and Receiving Department:

Ron Percy  Warehouse Manager Ext.121

Support and CAD Department:

 Karen Pantalone  ext. 157

Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone:

Andrew Colautti President Ext. 117
Anna Huynh Sales Associate Ext. 122
Frank Kanellakos Sales Associate Ext. 109

Related Divisions:

Cohen Environmental:

Jim Mosley Asbestos Abatement Ext.110

Cutback Terminal Limited:

Wayne McLaughlin Tank installations