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About Us

reclaimedCohen and Cohen has been a leader in demolition, recycling, and salvage for the past forty-five years in the Ottawa area. If there was a uncommon item in your household that needed repair, replacing, or even that special collectible you’ve been searching for – chances are you’d find it at Cohen’s. Our previous location on Merivale Road was incomparably unique and full of character, with a variety of architectural and collectible heritage items that were unmatched in the local market.

Many customers who remember the Cohen and Cohen in the past are surprised to find the changes the company has undergone over the last decade. As many things change over time, the company adapted to meet the ever changing market and consumer needs of today. Although Cohen and Cohen has changed on the surface, we still keep close the history of the company.

Cohen and Cohen was opened in 1963 by Al and Harold Cohen. The following 33 years the company became legendary for its scrap recycling and re-use store. In 1996, it came time for the original owners to retire. On their retirement, the company was purchased by Garry Colautti and Walter Griesseier, beginning a new chapter in the company’s history. Just over two decades later, the company has continued to evolve to suit the needs of today’s consumers.

The biggest change to the company was the relocation from Merivale Road to the state of the art, 20+ acre facility on Bentley Ave. This move provided much needed space for the company to grow. The 27, 000 square foot pavilion style building now houses Cohen and Cohen Full Line Office Interiors, Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone, Cohen and Cohen re-use/retail, Cohen New and Used Office Furniture, Cohen Environmental Services, and Cutback Terminal. 92 Bentley now sets the stage for the company’s future and expansion.

Cohen and Cohen Full-Line Office Interiors is a relatively new addition to the company, having been an amalgamation between Cohen and Cohen and Full-Line Business Interiors in 2009. CCFI is the commercial office furniture component of Cohen and Cohen group of companies, servicing individuals, organizations, educational and healthcare segments, the government, as well as the design community of Ottawa. CCFI works with over 150 distributors in the Ottawa-Outaouais region.
Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone, another component of the group, houses fantastic resources for commercial and residential use; guaranteeing a yard that is fully stocked with natural landscape and building stone, interlock, and various landscaping supplies. Our knowledgeable sales representatives offer impeccable customer service that is great for walk-in clients who need a little direction, to landscape professional looking for the right materials for that custom job.

Keeping the heritage of the company alive, Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone is constantly on the lookout for high quality items to re-purpose in building and landscape projects. Examples of re-purposed items provided are timbers used at the Ottawa Convention Centre, reclaimed granite cobblestones from Europe, and limestone foundation material diverted from local area landfills.

Cohen and Cohen Group of Companies recognizes their social responsibility to the Ottawa area by sponsoring a variety of local organizations including: the Monfort Hospital, Make-a-Wish foundation of Eastern Ontario, the Ottawa Hospital, the Queensway Carleton Hospital, United Way-Step Foundation, as well as sponsor children through Chalice. We also participate in fundraising events including The Big Bike Ride (Heart and Stroke Foundation) and Ride the Rideau a 100K bike ride (Ottawa Hospital).

Today, Cohen and Cohen remains a business that still appreciates the core value of the company’s legacy – to remain a family run business that is socially and environmentally conscious. At the forefront of the green movement, Cohen and Cohen remains committed to its core environmental philosophy, to recycle and re-purpose as much usable materials as possible. From the use of re-purposed items in the construction of the building, to the recycling of scrap metal and surplus office furniture, to its modern fleet of delivery vehicles, the company continues to support the ideologies of its founders.

In 2014 and beyond, Cohen and Cohen Group of Companies will continue to develop and evolve to meet the needs of present day industry and consumer needs. Looking towards the future, we hope to be your first choice for re-purposed items, high end office furnishings, patio furnishings, and landscape products.