Natural Stone FAQ

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can complete deliveries on most weekdays during business hours (8am – 5pm). Typically we require 24 hours’ notice to get an in-stock order picked, prepared and sent to site. Depending on the complexity of the order and scheduling we may be able to deliver in a shorter time frame.

Can I pick material up?

Yes, our drive-through facility is fully paved, equipped with staff who can help advise and load material.

Can I buy small quantities?

Yes, we encourage it! You can then take the materials with you or arrange for us to deliver them.

What information should I have when coming to shop for materials?

The paint, trim and brick colours of your home. We also will need a rough set of measurements so we can help you to determine material coverage requirements.

I am looking for a specific size/thickness/cut of material. Can I order it?

Absolutely. If there is something special you are looking for please inquire for pricing and availability. Much of the material we stock is most common in terms of regular requests. Generally speaking we can get other sizes, thicknesses and finishes than those sitting in our facility.

Where does your material come from?

It comes from around the world. Most of what is in our facility is soured from within about 800 km of our facility. We do carry some materials from as far as India and parts of Asia.

Can I get samples to compare to what I have at home?

Yes, we can provide small pieces to take from our stock. If you require a more formal sample we may require a deposit that is refundable when they are returned in working order.

I’m not sure how much material I need. Can I buy what I think I need and return any excess?

Unfortunately to guarantee the integrity of our material and keep our costs competitive all sales are final.

Can you place the material?

Our standard delivery is to curbside only. It is to the discretion of the driver to deliver beyond this point. Safety and prevention of damage are our top priorities. If the delivery does take place past the curb line we are not responsible for damage to pavement, grass or associated property.

Keep in mind our delivery service cannot replace the need for an installation crew. We will do our best to accommodate your needs but we do have a schedule to maintain and other clients to serve in a timely fashion.

Do I need to be home for delivery to take place?

No, you can give us verbal instructions, draw a small sketch on your delivery slip, or leave a mark on the property where you want the material placed.

How much space do you need to deliver material?

Our delivery truck is about the size of a dump truck and requires about 12’ of width x 40’ of length x 12’ of height to get into most areas. Our truck mounted forklift requires about 10’ of width x 15’ of length x 8’ of height to get into most areas. Keep in mind these are guidelines only, please check with a representative for specific information.

Can I pick the specific pieces I would like/require?

Yes, this can be accommodated in cases related to boulders and decorative stone. For other materials because of how the stone is packaged and sold some difference in shade and texture will be inevitable.