What kind of items do you buy?

Cohen and Cohen is always looking for unique items to compliment the vast array of new and used products currently for sale. While we are interested in considering almost any type of product, there are certain products we are almost always interested in buying. They are: Cast-iron floor grates, Cast-iron heating radiators, Shelving/racking, Name-brand commercial office furniture, Bulk lots of furniture).

Are there items you are not interested in buying?

Chemicals/Hazardous Wastes, Certain electronics, Household furniture/appliances, barrels, wood products, items that must be stored indoors/out of the elements.

Will you come to my home or business to see if the item is something you are interested in?

It depends. We often like to see the items through photos first before we send one of our sales representatives. please send all inquiries to info@cohenandcohen.com and one of our reps will be in contact with you shortly.

I do not need money for the item. Can I just donate it?

The answer depends. If the item has value we may be still be interested in paying for it. If it may pose a problem for us in the form of garbage/disposal fee we may decide not to accept it in the first place. Some examples of this are: Chemicals/Hazardous Materials, Hollow-core doors, Certain concrete products, some household furniture, Bathroom fixtures.

I have an item I wish to sell, what is the process?

Because of the large number of requests we receive each week we kindly ask you either send a photo to info@cohenandcohen.com or arrive to our 92 Bentley Ave. location with a photo of the item you wish to sell. If this item is not something that will fit with the products we are currently looking for, we can then let you know beforehand to prevent any disappointment.

Once a price is agreed upon, generally 1/3 – 1/2 of the retail value of the item, we will generally provide some assistance to unload the item. Then we will take your name, phone number and a copy of your driver’s license and pay the agreed amount on the spot.

The unit is too large/heavy to fit in my car. Will you pick it up?

This depends, if the value exceeds the projected cost of the unit we can provide you with a projected cost for the pickup and deduct it from the total proceeds to you. Please call: 613.225.9111 or write info@cohenandcohen.com for more information.